Mitch runs a 460HP Olds with a Berkeley 12JC pump, Performance Jet Level III with White Lightning Top Loader.  Set up by Performance Jet.  No shoe, ride plate or snoot.  Mitch runs 81MPH-GPSat 5400RPM.

Berkeley 12JC Level III Blue Print with White Lightning Top Loader.

Engine and Jet designed and rigged by PERFORMANCE JET.

Runs 80MPH-GPS at 5500RPM.  No shoe, ride plate or snoot.


1975 Tahiti 575HP Chevrolet.

Ran 87.5MPH GPS and still pulling hard at 6500RPM.  He has yet to stay "into" the throttle.


Note:  The Prime-A-Jet on top of the bowl.  A must for a jet with a drop snoot.  This little item removes air pockets in the bowl and primes the jet when loaded into the water.

Berkeley 12JE Pump, converted to a 2 piece bowl level III blueprint w/e shoe kit & short straight snout.


Dan runs 95+MPH at 6000RPM.


This boat is a "rocket" out of the hole.


This boat had a motor vibration and ran 55 mph with a poor hole shot.

We surveyed his boat and came up with a plan.  The 540 got some lightning water jacketed headers and a 10 quart oil pan.  Then I relocated the engine.

I built the Jet to Level II Specs and installed an Inducer.  I made a custom Top Loader to fit the unusual hull insert.

The boat now runs smooth, with a great hole shot and Tom now sees 70+ mph.


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