Performance jet stocks an inventory of all cables and steering systems usually found on jet boats. Basically, there are three types of control cables to be found on a jet boat.


Over the years numerous steering systems have been used as well, some have been discontinued, but  replacement systems have filled the need. The two basic steering systems are rack and pinion systems and rotary systems. Both styles are manufactured by Teleflex/Morse and Uflex.  Control cables are produced by Teleflex/Morse, Hardin, Uflex, and Glen Dinning.


Performance Jet offers all of these cables. The control cables that you will see in jet boating come in two series sizes. The first size is the 33 series cable, which, is approximately 3/8" in diameter and has 10-32 threads on the ends. These cables have a cable clamp groove on each end as well. These cables are used for throttle cables and forward reverse control on Jacuzzi jet drives.


The larger 43 series cables , are heavy duty, and used for forward reverse shifting and nozzle trim control. These cables come in two styles. All 43 series cables have larger ends with 1/4x 28 threads. Cable diameter is approximately 7/16". The 43 C series cable has a cable clamp groove on both ends. The 43 BC series cable has a cable clamp groove on one end and a threaded bulk head sleeve with double nuts on the other end.


Specify the length when ordering your cable. Most applications will use a cable in the 14 to 17 foot range depending on boat length. It should be noted that different jet drive manufacturers use different combinations of these two cables, for example:


Standard A/T , Berkeley , Dominator ,Legend and Aggressor jets use the 43BC series cable for shifting and trim control on most models.


The Berkeley 12JE 12JF set back jets use the 43C cables for shift and trim control.


The Jacuzzi WJ and YJ use the smaller 33 series cable for shift control.


All the new trim diverters utilize the 43 BC type bulk head cables.


If you have the old Berkeley, Jet-O-Vator trim, you will need a 43C cable if you have manual trim. The Berkeley electric trim box will use a 43 BC cable.


Kodiak/Hamilton and A/T SD-312 jets use a larger 60-series BC cable w/ 5/16" x 24 thread.



Before Morse control went under and was picked up by Teleflex, they offered a command 200 rack system. Replacement cables for this system are still available from Teleflex/Morse. Cables for the new Teleflex rack systems will not fit these command 200 systems. Uflex systems have their own cables as well, that won't interchange with any other system. Confusing? If you can, it is best to get the numbers off of the steering cable . These numbers are stamped in the jacket on either end, a foot or two, in from the ends.

At any rate, Performance Jet can get whatever you need and probably save you a few bucks at the same time… Give Jim a call...


Generally, the 33 series cables run in the 30 to 40 dollar range, depending on length.


The 43 series cables run in the $70-$90 range, depending on length.

Steering systems and cables vary , depending on length, helm style and manufacturer.


Call for pricing…or drop

us an E mail for quotes.

Steering Systems have gone through a lot of changes over the years. Sometimes it is best to call Jim on the phone to discuss what you have on your boat. Basically your steering system will be a "Rack" system or a Rotary system. The Calgo cable system is a custom HP system that Performance Jet sells, but is not discussed in this section.


In a lot of Jet boats built in the 70's, a round rack system, called a mercury ride guide system was installed in a lot of boats. Replacement Cables were discontinued for this system many years ago. If your steering has gotten stiff, and you have one of these early systems, you will need to change out the whole helm system and replace it with a newer rack or rotary system. In doing this you will need a steering helm adapter as well to fit the newer ¾" tapered shaft helm.

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