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Most likely Jim will save you some dollars as well.










For Sale: $2300 OBO


Here is a set of brand new, still in the box, S/S polished, water jacketed, thru transom exhaust headers for an Oldsmobile 455 jet boat motor. These are the only S/S water jacketed headers that you can buy for a jet boat with the Olds 455 motor. These Marine Torq headers come from Australia and are sold by HI TEK Marine. These headers run over 2600.00 and cost up to 400.00 for freight across the Pacific. I have used these before on the olds and have shown an installation in this link.








Here is a universal engine wire loom kit w/ solenoid











These mufflers insert into standard 4-inch collectors.  Straight-thru design and made of stainless steel, these mufflers have a great sound. They don’t “kill” as much horse power as other mufflers but may not pass sound requirements in some areas. If you need to meet sound requirements in your area, call Jim for an alternative.   Jim can get any muffler you want.


HP stainless mufflers     $225 set


These are a must have for running water injected headers.  The stainless control tees are the only way to go, the aluminum versions eventually corrode up on the inside and stop working properly. If your water injected headers are not set up right you will get water in your engine oil.   Bassett and Hardin sell the stainless units.



Performance Jet sells the Hardin tee for  $110

Ball and spring kits  $15


Most of jet boaters run into trouble when adding a bunch of horse power to their boat without improving the fuel supply system. There are a lot of reasons that can make a motor run too lean.  Fuel supply is one. Using the stock electric fuel transfer switch can be a problem. Same goes for the brass manual fuel valve.  They are not made for high performance applications, period.  The 5/16 “ ID  and ninety degree bends will kill high flow. One thing you can do to improve fuel flow is to run larger fittings and lines from your tanks and run a high flow fuel transfer valve.  Performance Jet sells the Hardin manual fuel valve. This valve has ½” ID , it has no bends, and will draw from both tanks simultaneously or right side, left side, or off.  High flow electric valves are good but cost a bunch more  $$$.

Call Jim if you want an electric valve.

 Hardin Fuel Transfer Valve  $160


Most jet boats come with no way to easily drain the engine oil. With a Big block Chevy you can pull the dip stick tube and pull the oil out with a pump kit if you have one.  You Ford and Olds guys are stuck with draining your oil into the bilge, what a mess.  The next time your motor comes out, or, after the oil is drained you can install this kit and make life much easier for yourself. Just warm up the oil and hang the drain hose out the transom drain hole, right into your drain pan.

Engine Oil Drain Kit      $42


Oil coolers can be a smart addition to any jet boat engine. These fluid to fluid coolers do a great job of keeping your engine oil temperature nice and cool.  PJ believes that these coolers will enhance the durability of any engine by reducing oil temps up to forty degrees or more in some applications.  You would be surprised at how hot your oil can get on a blast run up river or across the lake.  Engine Temps of 300 degrees or more will start to “break down” the additive packages in non-synthetic motor oils.   Why take a chance with your big dollar motor?


PJ has had great luck with the 12 inch cooler shown below.

They come in different sizes, chrome or non-chrome.

Oil Cooler     $199

Polished Billet Cooler Brackets   $50


Hot rodding boat enthusiasts can run into all kinds of problems when choosing exhaust systems for their boats.

The problem arises when boaters install cams with larger duration profiles in the engines of their boats.  Water can be drawn back into the engine through the exhaust valve on the overlap stroke when using water injected headers as well as some water jacketed headers and manifolds.


Understanding the difference between various exhaust systems is important when making upgrade plans for your jet boat.

Water injected means that water is injected into the primary exhaust track just outside the exhaust port on the head. These headers can be a problem with too much cam and need to be managed very closely and plumbed properly.


Cam profiles with an exhaust duration over 240 degrees at .050” lift can be a problem, especially when combined with a narrow lobe separation angle. Cam choices with injected headers should be carefully selected for application.


NOTE:   Injected headers should never be used in an engine box or an enclosed engine compartment. They run too hot !!


Water jacketed headers and manifolds do not dump water into the primary exhaust track. Jacketed Headers are built with a header inside of a header thus creating a water jacket around the primary exhaust track.  Aluminum manifolds are cast with a water jacket around the primary exhaust track. The high performance aluminum pieces are of a center rise style with long riser pipes where the water from the engine is dumped into the riser pipe away from the primary exhaust track. Sometimes these manifolds can get water reversion depending on design and application. The proper manifold choice is critical. Much larger cam profiles are allowed and these manifolds can be used in an enclosed engine compartment as well.


Exhaust systems and manifolds are not cheap. Depending on the application, water jacketed headers can run from 2k to 5K and more.


Water jacketed aluminum center rise manifolds are generally cheaper for the average boater but are usually not preferred on the super HP big boy blown motors that need a larger primary exhaust track and longer primary pipes.


Performance Jet sells most header and manifold combinations.  On this site Performance Jet deals primarily with water jacketed manifolds and header sets because of the hassles with water reversion.


Be careful about buying that super cheap system you find from somebody on line, do your research first.


Call Jim for prices and advice on specific applications.


Shown below are just some of the water jacketed varieties that can cost from 1200.00 a set to 3000.00 per set or more.  Custom sets can also be ordered.


Call Jim for pricing and advice.



























































































Lightning Headers

Lightning Manufacturing Corporation has been manufacturing performance exhaust systems since 1973.  Eight years ago Lightning developed a truly affordable water jacketed header for the performance boater.


The Lightning Magnum Series Headers are available in two models and are offered in a variety of configurations to adapt to any application.  They are TIG welded and feature a 1-7/8” inside diameter.  The 2-1/2” outside diameter gives the Magnums a larger water jacket that runs the full length of the tubing and provides generous amount of water to insure proper cooling and longevity.  Average primary tube lengths begin at 21”.


Magnum SS Headers

There is no finer header on the market today than the Lightning all-stainless steel Magnum SS header.  Manufactured completely from 16 gauge 316L stainless steel.  After final assembly, the entire header is stress relieved, annealed, and heat treated to maximize its strength and corrosion resistance.


They come standard with an Electroplished finish.  High lustre polished finish is all available for an extra charge.


Magnum Standard Headers

Get the same superior performance as the Magnum SS Headers at an unbelievably affordable price.  Lighting Magnum headers feather 16 gauge 316L stainless steel inner tubes surrounded by heavy duty wall (.074”) outer steel tubes.  The tubes are mechanically etched by sand blasting before assembly and are internally treated with a corrosion resistant silicone ceramic coating.  The exterior is black powder coated.


Magnum headers can also be purchased with a custom Eddie Marine Fusioncoat finish.  Recommended for fresh water use only.


Jet/V-Drive Thru-Transom


Collectors point down at a steeper angle for a better fit on jet boat applications.


LMH-107    BB Chevy Magnum-36” wide


LMH-137    BB Chevy Magnum SS-36” wide


LMH-108    SB Chevy Magnum-32” wide


LMH 138    SB Chevy Magnum SS-32” wide


Lightning Header Options
and Accessories

LMH-110    Add-on bracket for mounting Mercury Shift Quadrant to starboard header.


LMH-111    Add-on bracket for mounting Mercury Electronic Control Module (ECM) on port header.


LMH-112    Add-on bracket for mounting Mercury Oil Filter assembly on port header.


LMH-113    Charge for custom Fusioncoat color on headers.


LMH-114    Add 3” rise to headers


LMH-115    Add 6” rise to headers.


LMH-116    Add-on pyrometer bung (each).


LMH-131    Dry Tailpipe Option with SS flanges and gaskets.


LMH-132    Charge for full polish on Magnum SS Headers.


LMH-133    8.2 496 Kit – Adapts Magnum Headers to new 8.2 engines.





Lightning manufacturing builds a full line of headers with 2” or 2.25 “ primary tubes 33’ to 36’ wide , low transom exit or over transom.  The magnum series are the least expensive with a 316L stainless inner header and a steel outer header. Their S/S header has a stainless inner and outer header.


Call Jim for application and prices.




These manifolds are from Australia and come with a bright polish finish and a 5 year limited warranty. These manifolds come in various engine sizes, including the 460 Ford and the 455 Oldsmobile.  Engine water dumps out of these manifolds through holes at the end of the downward angled exhaust pipe to help eliminate water reversion.


Allow time for shipping.

Here is a 455 Olds with the HI –Tek system I installed.  This motor we built is an aluminum head, roller cam, motor pushing 10:25 to I compression.  With the previous stock exhaust logs and rear mount risers the engine maxed out at 4800 RPM with a double A cut impeller.  After the installation the engine peaked out at 5100 RPM.  I figure this application picked up between 50 and 75 HP.  These manifolds enhanced the performance upgrades that were already done on this engine.


When replacing center rise manifolds on a stock motor you may not see performance gains like these. But these can be good replacements that run cool and reduce weight.



HARDIN MARINE has a large selection of marine manifolds and water jacketed headers.


Call Jim for info and pricing.

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