For Jacuzzi WJ jet drive owners

This new WJ bowl adapter was developed by Place Diverter and refined by Jim at Performance  Jet.

This billet adapter ring allows for the use of a standard nozzle adapter or Droop snoot to mount your nozzle assembly onto the jacuzzi WJ bowl. The old adapters that came with the Place Diverter nozzles are no longer being made.  Besides, those adapters did not allow for a droop snoot for you Jacuzzi WJ jet boat owners.  Below are some pictures showing a WJ bowl prepped by Jim at PJ.  The picture on the left shows that the bowl cone has been removed for improved flow. It has been smoothed and primed, ready for paint.  The picture on the right shows a Place HPH housing sitting in place on the adapter/ bowl assembly.

Please note : With these adapters there are a few considerations that you need to know for some snoots and housings to fit properly. You can find installation instructions on this web site under the Place Diverter Link.


           These Adapters are priced at $225





American Turbine long droop snoot lowers your thrust line in relation to the shaft center line for increased lift on most smaller boats.  Steering pins set at 7 degree up angle.  Lowers thrust line 1-3/16".


Long Droop Snoot: $395


Place diverter long droop snoots are very nicely made and incorporate a bolt-on ride plate if you choose.  These snoots lower the thrust line two full inches, and the steering pins are set 8 degrees up.  This piece allows you to enjoy the advantages of a ride plate without having to pull your intake adapter to machine for a show and ride plate combo. 


Add Ride Plate and Bracket    $190


A split-bowl droop snoot that

offers advanced engineering and

versatility by design, shown with

optional adjustable ride plate.


The Place Diverter high performance housing is a nice reinforced

short droop that lowers the thrust line 1/2 inch.  The steering

pins are set at 3.5 degrees up angle.  Great for all boats,

especially tunnel bottoms.


Place Diverter High Performance Housing  $350





The long straight snoot, designed by Duane at High Tech

Perfomance is a long straight snoot that works very well on most

applications.  This snoot has no bends to restrict flow.

The steering pins are set straight.  The snoot moves the thrust

point farther aft without pushing the transom downward.



Jacuzzi WJ nozzle adapters are now available from PDC.
These will work with Berkeley style nozzles and Place Diverters


Performance Jet is offering droop snoot kits that

include all of the hardware you need plus a billet

steering extension and swivel assembly.


A/T Berkeley Style Snoot with 6.5"  Billet Extension   $515



Place Diverter Long Droop Snoot Kit with Ride Plate.

Includes all hardware and billet steering extension     $699

Place HPH Short Snoot with Short Steering Extension  $470


HTP Straight Snoot Kit with Steering Extension  $595


Billet Steering Extensions with Swivels, Short (4.125"), Medium (6.5"), and Long (10")    $120

Steering Tube Seal Nut  $38


The Install Kit is for set back style jets.  It contains

a transom bezel, steering tube, steering extension,

clevis and a cable packer.  All aluminum parts are

made from Billet aluminum and anodized.






Stronger new generation 9 vane "Bandit" bowl that is a nice piece

and comes with bearings and a seal.


Without Stuffer     $995

(When Available.)





A/T for Berkeley 10-1/4 Standard Bolt Circle  $1075

A/T Dominator 10-1/2 BC Bowl, Heavy Duty Bowl with larger OD (after 1995) $1099

The Transom adapter ID will have to be enlarged
approximately 5/16" to 11-3/4" to fit this bowl.

If you have set back pump (no transom adapter), this bowl is your best choice.



8 vane bowls are very nicely made and are the last to offer oil

lubrications for the shaft tail bearings. 

SALE      $1395



This very nicely made 7 vane bowl that has an oil bath for the shaft

tail bearings and a stuffer system designed into the casting.  Standard

impellers will fit this bowl.  This bowl fits only the Legend jet drive

unless you order the Legend bowl that is built to fit a Berkeley 10-1/4" case.

No Longer Available at American Turbine




Improve clamping force by 50%.  Cheaper than

double drilling your suction housing and bowl.

As Shown   $65




This piece is designed to be installed in the Berkeley bowl to eliminate turbulence

behind the impeller as high pressure water transitions from the impeller into the volutes

of the bowl.  This stuffer was first offered as a CNC machined, billet aluminum

piece by Performance Jet 15 years ago.  Previous versions were cast aluminum.  It is

important to note that installing this stuffer in a jet with a shouldered wear ring will

not work in most cases.  If a shouldered ring is to be installed, the rear

axial dimension behind the impeller must be measured with the impeller

 in place.  In most cases, the bowl stuffer flange will have to be cut to allow

the proper rear axial clearance, between the stuffer and the back side of

the impeller when the bowl is installed.


Aggressor, A/T, Dominator and Legend jets have addressed this turbulence issue

in the design of their jet drives and don't need this stuffer plate in most cases.


The Prime-A-Jet Bowl Bleeder    $68


This auto air bleed is installed on the bowl 2" back from the bowl gasket surface, drilled with a 7/16" drill and tapped with the 1/4" NPT pipe tap.  These little devices bleed trapped air out of the bowl automatically when your boat is loaded into the water.  Trapped air in the bowl becomes more of a problem when a jet drive is fitted with a droop snoot.  Performance Jet always recommends the installation of an auto bleeder when installing a droop snoot.

Performance Jet sells Berkeley used  aluminum rudders, when available.

These rudders are re worked pieces that look as good as new.


PRICE  $75





The Berkeley Jet drive is the only jet that does not have a smooth flow hand hole cover by design.  In the stock Berkeley jet there is a huge mismatch in the roof of the suction housing around the hand hole cover, this creates turbulence in front of the impeller.  Years ago, builders would fill this area with epoxy or use a custom cover made by GTH. No longer in business, these covers are long gone.


I used to” bug” Berkeley about this and a few years back, Scott at Hardin, designed a tight fit cover for the Berkeley pump.  This cover is heavy duty and fits tightly in the suction housing once you grind or mill out the index bump in the housing.


Performance Jet sells this smooth flow cover for $165





NEW FOR 2021


Over the years, Performance Jet has experienced some issues with the Berkeley hand hole covers, including the tight-fit covers.


With today’s high horsepower applications, these covers can break around the “ears” on blast runs with 600 HP or more. The suction pressures inside your jet drive can spike greatly on a blast run at High speed, especially when letting up on the throttle on deceleration.


I have had this problem with the tight fit cover as well as the Berkeley 12JE pump hand hole covers. This problem is more acute with the 12JE set back pumps because these jets can create excessive drops in pressure inside the suction housing, at high speed. To deal with this issue, Jim has put together a Hand hole cover support plate kit.


The support plate kit consists of a ¼” aluminum plate that sits on top of the cover and is held in place by 3/8” hold down bolts and hardware that replace the 5/16” hardware on the stock Berkeley jet. This back up support kit will work on the 12J A/B/C/G pumps.


This kit price is $95.00 and comes with instructions.









Pictured below is a Jetaway unit that was designed and built by Duane at Hi Tech Performance.


These units are a must safety item for those jet boaters with big power that are looking to run very high speeds.  This unit is a ratcheting device that allows the jets impeller to “free wheel” if the engine shuts down at high speeds.  Going sideways at high speed is not good.


This is a real nice piece that is lubricated with special oil that also lubricates the pumps main thrust bearing when installed. No more grease, this improves the life of the pumps thrust bearing as well.


There is an added benefit with this unit because it incorporates a “shift collar” that allows you to shift into neutral and disconnect the jet drive from the engine, which is real handy when tuning on the trailer.


The jet drive bearing housing will need to be double drilled to mount this unit and your engine may have to be moved forward.


Original Jet-A-Way  $1660

HD Jet-A-Way II $2049

Free Shipping in Continental USA


Performance Jet sells all makes and models of Jet Pump suction housings.  Factory suction housings work just fine for most jet boaters and are plenty strong in most applications. Note, real early castings may not be as strong for the power some folks are making today.  (Vintage 1970’s)


If you are building big power and want a stronger housing to take the load Jim recommends the DOMINATOR HOUSING. These housings are the newest generation, made to fit both 10 ¼ and 10 ½ inch bolt circle bowls and are a much heavier castings.


A/T has also developed a super strong DRAG RACE suction housing that is very close to the strength of a forging (within 3%).


The strength of these units are achieved by a process called Hot Isostatic Pressing, or H.I.P.  In this process the miniature casting bubbles are forced out of the casting at high temperature and high pressure with an inert gas.  These housings also come double drilled.


Call Jim for pricing


Dominator 12S Suction Housing, 10-1/2" Bolt Circle  $1350 (w/o Hand Hole Cover)

Berkeley Suction Housing 12JC/12 JG $1550





Shown below is a Dominator suction housing with a Jetaway attached.


Berkeley E and F model “Add a Shoe” Kit   $269


The add a shoe and ride plate kit works very well with the Berkeley E and F model jet drives.  This drive has a shorter intake opening as well as a steeper ramp angle to the eye of the impeller when compared to the 12JC and 12JG Berkeley jets.  Because of this design difference in the suction housing the E and F jet has a harder time staying “loaded” in High performance applications.  This kit is installed in place and is a relatively easy task for the do it yourselfer.


The shoe helps keep the suction loaded at higher speeds and the larger ride plate (larger than the stock piece) provides a better stance at higher speeds.


The kit below is shown with a one piece C type bowl cradle (or sometimes called a yoke)  Yokes are available for G bowls, both tall and short as well as yokes for the A/T HP bowls.





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