(With your impeller, if usable.)



Stock Rebuild, using stock parts and stock clearances.  Will bring your jet back to new with all new parts.  Choice of impeller cut.




This rebuild is my biggest seller.  I call this build the "Hyper Jet."  This is the first blueprint level utilizing HP parts and tighter clearances.  This blue print level is where the jet is "hand worked" and set up to match your motor.  The suction inlet is smoothed, primed and painted.  The front side of the bowl is sharpened and smoothed through the first bend and etch primed.  Choice of impeller (aluminum) is matched to a shouldered ring.  Shaft is checked for straightness. Thrust bearing groove is cut into the shaft to accommodate the larger HD retainer.  Any packing wear grooves on the shaft will be removed when the shaft is checked for straghtnes. Low-friction graphite packings are installed, and a bowl flow cone is added.




Level III blueprint is a full-out racing blueprint that incorporates all of the Level II tricks but must use a 17-4 PH shaft and an HD impeller, bronze or stainless steel.  A stuffer system and an inducer are required.  A shoe and ride plate are also required.  The rotating assembly, wear ring skirt, is trued to the impeller shaft center line and electronically balanced beyond factory specification.  The back side of the bowl is smoothed and relieved.

With this blueprint, the labor starts at $899 plus whatever parts and procedures are requested by the customer.  Call for pricing and extras.  Race prepped impellers / stud kit / stuffer / prime-a-jet and much more...

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